Hot Yoga for Health and Longevity

Samadi Yoga Westlake Village is a unique studio which originally opened as Bikram Yoga Westlake Village and has evolved into a yoga center offering more options.

Samadi Yoga, Westlake Village, Health and Longevity Center takes you to the next step. We offer continued education on the original lineage of Hot Yoga along with intermediate classes, Vinyasa, ModMove (yoga and dance), Family and Kid's Yoga, and specialized sequences for athletes. Our goal is to to help you match your health span with your life span.

Watch our promotional video to get a better understanding of what Samadi Yoga is, and how you can benefit from what our studio has to offer.

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Anatomic Yoga Seminar

Program Details

DATE: August 22-24

LOCATION: Samadi Yoga Westlake Village

COST: $300 Full Weekend, $150 Single Day

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A multimedia workshop with author and surgeon Ray Long MD FRCSC that combines modern western science with the ancient art of Hatha Yoga.

Ray is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and the author of the best selling "Scientific Keys" book series on anatomy and Yoga. Ray has studied Hatha Yoga for over 20 years, training extensively with B.K.S. Iyengar, and other of the world's leading yoga masters.

Classes Offered at Samadi Yoga


Based on Original Hot Yoga Postures

Beginning sequence of postures good for all levels. (90 mins)


Sequence of Postures from the Ghosh Lineage

Beginning and intermediate postures recommended for consistent and long-term practitioners. (90 mins)

1 Hour Beginner

Based on original Hot Yoga postures

Faster paced beginning sequence. (60 mins)


Beginner Vinyasa Sequence

Basic Vinyasa postures with sun salutations and upper body strengthing. (60 mins)


Sequence with focus on Hip Opening and Core Strengthening

Incorporates Sun Salutations from Vinyasa and Ghosh lineage. Great for runners, bikers and all athletes. (60 mins)


Yoga and Modern Dance Sequence

The classe incorporates Vinyasa postures, dance, and music. Great way to mix it up!

Family Yoga and Kid's Yoga

Combination of Ghosh and Vinyasa Yoga Postures

Done in a warm room. Not HOT!