Arrive on time for class. First-time students at least 15 minutes early.

Arrive hydrated and on an empty stomach.

Only water is allowed in the yoga rooms. Avoid bringing coconut water, colored liquids or teas in the yoga room.

Arrive clean and free of fragrances.

Make sure you use the bathroom and are ready for your 1 hour or 90 minute class.

Be prepared with yoga mat, water, and towel.

Discuss limitations and injuries before start of class.

Be on your mat by the start of class (before instructor enters the room). Recommended relaxing in savasana before start of class.

No talking in the yoga rooms.

No cell phones in the yoga room.

No bags or shoes in the yoga room.

During practice, work together as a group.

Avoid leaving the yoga room once class has started.

Student’s responsibility to be aware class package expirations. Our friendly staff is available to review package details and dates.